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Crashing a lot? Blame your astrological sign



Zodiac Sign

In the wake of recent news that the zodiac calendar requires updating, Allstate Insurance has taken a look at who's most likely to get in an accident based on their signs.

Virgos, watch out!

People born under the sign were almost seven times more likely to be in a car accident last year when compared to Scorpios, according to Allstate claims data.

"Perhaps Virgo's shy perfectionistic nature leads to overly cautious and timid driving habits," the company says in a press release.

Scorpios, on the other hand, known for determination and awareness, were involved in only 1.5 percent of all accidents in 2010.

The "new" sign, Ophiuchus, also fared well in the study. Drivers born Nov. 29 to Dec. 17 were the second-safest drivers on the road.

Allstate says that generally the signs with the fewest number of reported accidents were those associated with such traits as compassion, graciousness and resourcefulness, while the zodiac signs of those with more accidents are described as uncompromising, arrogant and impatient.

But a casual look at the new zodiac calendar shows accident rates probably have more to do with the number of people born under a particular sign than supposed temperament. Under the new zodiac calendar, Scorpio includes anyone born Nov. 23 to 29, a span of only seven days, while Virgo includes anyone born Sept. 16 to Oct. 30 -- a span of six weeks. People born during a roughly 2 1/2-week period -- Nov. 29 to Dec. 17 -are considered Ophiuchus.

The Internet has been buzzing with zodiac news since a Minnesota astronomy instructor said in a media interview that the zodiac calendar was off. In a Jan. 9 story in the Minneapolis Star Tribune, Parke Kunkle told the world the earth is no longer aligned to the stars the same way it was when ancient stargazers created the zodiac calendar. Not only that, he said, the old zodiac calendar didn't include a 13th constellation -- Ophiuchus.

"While the jury is still out on the exact characteristics of an Ophiuchus, most astrologers seem to indicate individuals born under this sign will be a bit luckier than the rest," Allstate says in its press release.

But don't count on a car insurance discount if you're an Ophiuchus or Scorpio. Your birthday counts when it comes to car insurance rates, but only in terms of your age, not the alignment of the stars. Besides age, auto insurers also consider such factors as gender, driving record and vehicle make and model to set premiums.

Here are the new signs, their dates and the number of drivers involved in accidents, according to Allstate claims data:

Sign Birthday Number of drivers crashing in 2010
Scorpio Nov. 23 - Nov. 28 26,833
Ophiuchus Nov. 29 - Dec. 17 83,234
Cancer July 21 - Aug. 9 101,539
Aquarius Feb. 16 - March 11 106,878
Libra Oct. 31 - Nov. 22 110,592
Aries April 17 - May 13 112,402
Capricorn Jan. 18 - Feb. 15 128,005
Gemini June 20 - July 20 136,904
Sagittarius Dec. 18 - Jan. 17 154,477
Pisces March 12 - April 16 172,030
Taurus May 14 - June 19 177,503
Leo Aug. 10 - Sept. 15 179,657
Virgo Sept. 16 - Oct. 30 211,650

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