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How to find the right vehicle for you



How to find the right vehicle for you

Buying a new vehicle is a huge decision. It is a big expense that you will have to live with for a long time. You want a vehicle that fits your lifestyle's needs and wants. Before going to the showroom and spending your hard earned money you should figure out what the right vehicle is for you.

Unless you have an endless supply of money to go to an auto dealer and pick out any car you fancy on the lot you need to do research before shopping or purchasing a vehicle. The first step and most important step of researching is to find out what vehicle would be the best match for you and your needs.

What type of vehicle do you need? You need to decide if you want a passenger sedan, a sport utility vehicle (SUV), minivan or truck. Do you need something big or small? Is an SUV too big but you are too single and sporty for a minivan then you might think about a sleek new station wagon. They used to be for parents only but now there are sporty versions.

Do you like to go off-roading but do not want a SUV there are now four door trucks that might suit your needs. If you enjoy the height and moving capacity of a truck but do not go through rough terrain ever or off roading than do not spend the extra coast of a 4 wheel drive.

You have now narrowed down your choices to a few styles of cars so what is next?You need to go see the cars you are attracted to at the dealer's lot. See if the vehicle type you have picked out has the look and feel you like when you see it in person.

Once you are at the auto dealership's lot take the choices you are considering for a test drive. If you cannot decide between an SUV, a truck or a minivan go test drive them all. They will all have a different passenger. They all have differing towing capacities and loads that they can carry. Handling will probably be the biggest issue. Find the one that handles like you want and need.

One of the best ways to be able to test a lot of vehicles of various types at the same time is when a manufacturer puts on a test drive. GM sponsors one called Auto Show in Motion. The name is perfect. It is like a huge auto but where get to drive the vehicles instead of just looking at how pretty they are like a normal auto show. GM brings over 150 vehicles and the best part is they are not all GM automobiles. They bring a range of manufacturer's cars and trucks.Sure their goal is to have you drive and buy one of theirs but they want you to test it against the competition and still want to buy their brand because you find it be built better.

The Auto Show in Motion moves around the U.S. so look for a stop in your town. They are coming to my town soon and I will go to see and drive some new cars. Am I in the hunt for a new vehicle, no but after test driving some cars I might find something I decide that would be a better fit than my current car.

If you are not lucky enough to have this type of test drive available to you than you'll have to go to the different dealerships separately. This way you can compare mid-size sedans to mid-size sedans, etc. You might find that one manufacturer's vehicles are much more your style and can stop hunting.

Once you have decided on the type of vehicle and the manufacturer you want to own next it is time to decide on the fun stuff - options. Most vehicles come with various options that you will really want or could do without. This is when you decide if you want a 4 or 6 cylinder passenger sedan. Find out if you need the sports package or could do without and be just as happy.

Interior options are fun to decide on as well. Do you live in the hot south than you will not need the heated seats?Do you want to lounge in leather or do you like other materials better for your seats? Do you want the basic sound system or the premium sound? What color interior do you want? This last question will be affected by the color you pick for the exterior.

Speaking of the exterior there are more choices to make there. First and foremost is the color. Should you choose your favorite color or a color that will keep the interior cooler in the hot sun? These are decisions you will have to make. But these are the fun ones to make so do not get frazzled or stressed over them.

With all your research and decisions made it is now time to purchase your car. How to get the best deal on the car you can read about in the Articles section of CarInsurance.com. For now remember to not rush into purchasing your next vehicle. Take your time to find the perfect vehicle for you.


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