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Newspaper articles, television reports and your car collision



Newspaper articles, television reports and your car collision

One always hopes to not be involved in an accident. Unfortunately sometimes it is altogether unavoidable. What then happens if you are in an accident big enough to make it into the newspaper or onto television? You clip out the newspaper article or tape the television coverage and use its account to your advantage.

If you were involved in an accident and need to make an insurance claim it is helpful to get as much information as possible regarding the event that happened. One way to do this is to scour your local newspaper and see if your incident made it into this print media. If it did you will need to clip out the article and save it.

With any luck the article will give a good, accurate account of what occurred. After cutting out this article see if there are any other articles that would also relate to your accident. Was there fog that morning mentioned in another article? Do you think a different accident or some roadwork might have contributed to your collision, if so clip information on that out as well.

Do not forget about looking back for the newspaper that came out the day of the crash. This paper will likely have an accurate weather report for the day of the incident. If high winds, rain or snow was part of the accident this weather report should mention those conditions. If instead the day was sunny and nice it should be pointed out as well, and give the at-fault party less of an excuse.

When cutting out any newspaper information, remember to cut out and paste to it the page, date and name of the newspaper or note this information at the top newspaper article in pen. If you do not have your own pictures of the accident scene you should search the paper to see if the newspaper had any pictures of the crash to go with the article. If there are no pictures included, take time to call the newspaper office and ask if there were pictures taken but not used due to space issues. If there are unpublished photographs see if you would be allowed to come to their office to pick up copies.

Some accidents are so spectacular in the eyes of the media that they make it onto the traffic report or even main television news coverage. If your vehicle's collision made it onto TV, make an effort to tape the coverage. Many times the television network's view of the crash is from a helicopter above, thus giving a new perspective.You might be able to see important information from this view, such as if there were witnesses that stopped but didn't stay to talk to the police. If there are in the TV footage, look at their license plate numbers and see if you can track them down.

Another item to look for in either photographs or television footage would be skid marks from your car or the other vehicle or vehicles involved. Does the television coverage show a view of the accident scene as a whole, if so see if there is a way to get a still of that portion of the video footage. It could be possible that the accident was covered only during the time you were standing beside your car waiting on the police to arrive or tow truck to haul it away. If this is the case, ask around to see if the accident was reported on TV. If it was, contact that television station and see if there is a way to get a taped copy of the footage shot of it or the report that they gave about the incident.

Being a participant in a car collision is never fun. Your vehicle is damaged and your body might have injuries as well. The next step after being involved in a crash is to file insurance claims, either with your own insurance company or with the at-fault party's insurance. When doing so you want to have the most accurate information regarding the accident and the scene at which it occurred. One way to build your case is by having any newspaper articles or television coverage documented so that you can share this information with the insurance company and get your claim settled fairly.

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