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The benefits of being in an automotive club



The benefits of being in an automotive club

It is the worst feeling in the world. You are driving on an interstate highway and all of your sudden your car breaks down. Once you have been able to coach your vehicle to the shoulder of the road you feel discouraged. If are part of an automotive club this dejected feeling will soon turn to relief when help arrives. There are many benefits to being a member of an automotive club.

Having an automobile fail when you are driving it can be quite scary. Mishaps such as a tire blowing out or the engine faltering can happen at any time. You might feel unprepared and even a bit helpless if you are unskilled at being your own mechanic. Being a member of an automotive club that you can call to your rescue after suffering a breakdown will help relieve anxious feelings that sweep over you in such an unexpected situation.

An auto club is an organization that in exchange for a fee provides its members with assistance in matters relating to motor vehicle travel, maintenance or repair. Some clubs include extras such as mapping and discount programs for travelers. The payment to the club might be made monthly, quarterly or annually. I have noticed certain automobile clubs advertising that their fee can be added to your monthly cell phone bill, how easy is that? With quarterly or annual clubs you can usually chose what tier of service that you want.

There are various types of coverage available that can be picked by a motorist. The exact services depend on the level of coverage the member chooses to purchase. Some clubs cover towing within a certain distance, while higher tiers allow for unlimited towing miles. Other companies or clubs will reimburse you for your towing expenses.When getting into an auto club a driver needs to decide which type of coverage is best for their needs.

A main function of an automotive club is to lend roadside assistance to their members' vehicles when there is a breakdown or have other automotive situations that call for support. The people sent out to help those who call for assistance can try to help with small repairs or help diagnosis the problem. They are not full blown mechanics that can repair your car roadside but they are very helpful in an unsettling situation. If the situation cannot be resolved than you can be towed to the location of your choice.

Auto clubs can not only tow your car to the repair shop or service station of your choosing but can also help you change a tire or give you gas if you have run out. If it is one of these easier problems the person showing up is usually very helpful and can get you back on the road in no time at all. Think about it, you could change a tire yourself or call the auto club so that by the time you have pulled out all the necessary items for the tire change the car club agent should be there and able to do the labor of changing the tire without you getting dirty at all.

Other assistance that an auto club can give you out on the road is to jump your car if it has a dead battery or even sell you a new battery. The clubs are saying that their battery pricing is comparable to an auto store. Getting a new battery on the side of the road will save you plenty of time in the long run. No need to go shop for a battery and wait for it to be installed after getting the battery jumped.

Another service is to get your car unlock if you have locked the keys inside. This can be very handy if you are absent minded and do this often. The professionals from the auto club should be able to unlock your car without doing any damage to the vehicle at all.

Automobile clubs can be quite beneficial for a motorist. The various services they can provide include towing, emergency roadside assistance and mapping of routes. The bigger auto clubs will also have discount programs that will allow you to save at hotels, restaurants and even big attractions. If you travel long distances often the fee you pay for such services will easily pay for itself with the benefits you receive from your automobile club.

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