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Ten tips on how to ward off road rage



Ten tips on how to ward off road rage

Getting behind the wheel just amps some people up. They need to be first or fastest or the most aggressive person on the roadway. People get road rage when traffic does not work in their favor. Cooler heads need to prevail when dealing with road rage motorists.

Here are ten tips on how to ward off road rage situations:

1. Remember to always use your turn signals with switching lanes. Be careful not to cut someone off when you change lanes.

2. Travel with traffic while trying to stay within the speed limits. If you are going slower than the flow of traffic do not stay in the fast lane. Move over and let faster traffic pass by.

3. Drive at a safe distance from the car in front of you. Give yourself stopping distance and most certainly do not tailgate anyone.

4. Try to stay in one lane. Changing lanes frequently or erratically can annoy other motorists. An aggressive driver might think you are playing games with them and need to "win" the game by getting in front of you and teaching you a lesson.

5. Concentrate on driving. Do not become distracted with doing your makeup, reading the paper or talking on a cell phone. This can cause you to drive poorly and frustrate other drivers.

6. Stay away from aggressive or erratic drivers. Let them pass you and continue on down the roadway.

7. Do not honk your horn unnecessarily.

8. Stay calm and in control even if a person in another automobile is trying to intimidate you. Keep your emotions in check and do not lose your temper or else that could lead to you having a confrontation.

9. Do not make eye contact with an angry driver. This may make the road rage driver think you are trading dirty looks and want to "play their game."

10. Be polite and courteous. It may be hard but it will allow you to be the better person. If you have kids showing this calm side will be a good example of how they should be when they learn to drive.

Do not endanger yourself or your passengers if you encounter a motorist displaying road rage. Concentrate on your own driving as you try to move away from the irritated driver. Be a good role model on the road for other motorists that have aggressive tendencies. If everyone would calm down and give themselves plenty of time to get to their destination, drivers as a whole could nip this road rage epidemic in the bud.


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