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Stay calm around aggressive drivers



Stay calm around aggressive drivers

Aggressive drivers seem to be taking over the roadways. Instead of joining that unhappy band of drivers, learn how to react to them to keep your car and family safe. Try these driving tips to stay cool, calm and collected while in the driver's seat.

Attempt to get out of the aggressive driver's way. This may not be that simple if you are on a two-lane road but if you are on a three or four lane freeway move over and let the angry driver go by. Try to avoid any conflict and remember to take deep breath and to calm down.

Concentrate on the road instead of looking at the other driver and keep your focus on the roadway. Do not be distracted by cell phone calls or looking for items in your car. Driving a car takes your full concentration.

Avoid eye contact with the aggressive driver. Linking eyes might make the other driver believe you are challenging them. Instead of driving past you they might decide you want to "play games" with them.

Do not make obscene gestures toward the other car or driver. Even if the aggressive driver is trying to "push your button" remain mature. Do not make gestures towards the other driver or if they are making gestures ignore them. If you refuse to return gestures, the driver might decide to leave you alone and go on their way.

Do not yell or speak to the other driver. This is the same as the hand gestures. Ignore the other driver yelling at you. If you start, a back and forth bickering neither of you are concentrating on the road thus being bad drivers.

Use your horn sparingly. Excessive use of the horn can make a driver think you are targeting them or get a person worked up. Do no be afraid to use the horn if it is for a practical reason though.

Be polite and courteous. It can be hard to be courteous to someone that cuts you off or is tailgating but if you keep in a positive frame of mind and try to be nice to others, it is more likely other drivers will be nicer to you.

Listen to soothing music. If you are listening to music that is calming it is more likely to keep you calm. You can concentrate on the road while listening to the music and ignoring the aggressive driver trying to play games with you.

Allow plenty of time to get to your destination. If you are not in a hurry, you can better deal with aggressive or frustrated drivers on the road. You can move over or go slower so that you are not driving directly beside the other driver. If you can take your time and drive your own way you can stay cool, calm and collected all the way home...or to your final destination.


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