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Common sense ways to protect your car from thieves



Common sense ways to protect your car from thieves

You paid out your hard-earned money to purchase your vehicle and keep it properly maintained. It is not fair for a devious person to take this all away from you. Do not allow your car to be stolen from you by thieves. While there is not a foolproof way in which to protect your vehicle 100 percent of the time there are ways in which to deter thieves from picking your car to steal.

Car theft is a big business. The National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) reports that over 1 million motor vehicles have been stolen in recent years (actually an 8% decline from the years previous). A car somewhere is stolen in the Unites States though basically every 30 seconds. The FBI's average valuation is $6,649 per stolen vehicle. This means with the large quantity of vehicles being stolen each year the cost of car theft amounts to more than 7.5 billion dollars a year.

You do not want to become a part of this large statistic. There are ways in which to make your car less of a target to car thieves. These tips cannot guarantee that you car will not be broken into or stolen. What they can do is to try and help prevent your car from becoming the next statistic.

Make your car as secure as possible. This may be common sense but first and foremost lock your car doors. Make sure all the doors are locked and the windows are rolled up. Just a little space made from a window not fully rolled up can allow a thief to get a tool in and jimmy the door open.

Do not leave you keys in the car. This is worth repeating. Do not leave your keys in the car - ever. This is the quickest way in which to get your car stolen. Thieves know the usual hiding places - in the visor, under the mat and so on so do not think an extra set of keys is safe anywhere inside the car.

The worse way to leave you keys in the car is to leave them in the ignition. If you do this you might as well put a huge neon "Steal Me" sign over the car. If you leave the keys in the car and the vehicle running you should not even expect your car to be sitting there when you return. In fact some states find that this can be considered driver negligence contributing to a car being stolen. And insurers may be able to deny claims if you were negligent in this manner.

Park in well-lit areas. If you are able to park your vehicle where there is plenty of light you have less of a chance of getting your car stolen. It is the dark places in which a thief is able to sneak around and spend time breaking into the car unnoticed.

Put personal items out of sight. If you leave out your MP3 player, compact discs, GPS device or any other personal item than you give a thief more of a reason to pick your car to break into and steal not only those items but your whole car. Put these items out of sight or take them out of the car and put them in a safer place.

These are all common sense ways in which you can help keep your vehicle from becoming a stolen car statistic. Better yet, all of the above mentioned tips are free of cost. If you would like more information on how car theft can affect you check out the NICB website at www.nicb.org. They have information on the top ten stolen vehicles in the US, the top stolen cars in each state as well as top ten metropolitan statistical areas with the highest vehicle theft rates and ways in which to prevent your car becoming one of these statistics.


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