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Looking for cars online and at the auto dealership



Looking for cars online and at the auto dealership

What is the first thing you do when looking for a new vehicle? Do you just walk into the showroom, wander around for awhile, point at a car and buy the asking price to drive it home? Of course you do not do that.You do research. You find out what the dealer's cost is compare to the sticker price. Where can you do this research and now possibly do your purchase - online.

Auto dealers are finally smartening up and learning that people like to shop online. Ebay has figured that out and their Ebay Motorssite is a very popular way to purchase a vehicle, especially a vehicle that is not usually available in your area. They have also realized by now that people research vehicles online before purchasing.

The first ones to determine this were the car manufacturers. They have put on their sites ways in which a person could not only look at all the vehicles that they offer for purchase but all the specs as well. You can now "build your own" vehicle on many manufacturer sites. This shows you what your new car would look like with different options or in different colors. Who knows better than the manufacturer what your car should look like?

Next manufacturers have introduced ways in which to have you contacted by the local dealership or better yet ways for you to be guided to a local dealerships site. At the local dealership site begins the next process. You have found the car model you want, the color you want now you just need to find that in stock.

Local dealerships, if they are smart, now have their inventory online. If you are lucky they will have both new and used inventory online. Not a bad way to compare new prices to what previously owned ones are going for. If the used car is certified that usually means it will have a decent warranty included with it.

Now with the inventory checker you can find if the car you want, with your options is actually on a lot in your area to test drive. This is much better than driving from dealership to dealership and walking the car lot yourself. If you want a black truck and the closest dealership only have white and red ones available you know to keep looking.

What is the next step we would take as consumers? That is easy, ways in which to purchase a car through the dealership online. If you have seen what you want enough times in person but just cannot stand to barter with the salesman, wouldn't itbe nice to do the bartering online?

Online sales by dealerships are possible. Ebay Motors shows that bartering online can be done with success. There are companies that will find the best price for a certain vehicle for you and contact you. This is all done online. Hopefully the dealerships will understand the consumer side of this and it will become the new way to purchase a vehicle in the future.


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