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Improving your car's factory stereo sound system



Improving your car's factory stereo sound system

You just purchased your new vehicle. You are excited about your new car but you are already thinking about ways to improve it. Number one on this list of most consumers is upgrading the stock sound system. The types of stereos and sound systems you can place in your motor vehicle today range from the basic factory stereo that the auto maker places in the car up to a stereo system that you can have professionally installed that will rock the whole car.

If you have used all of your money acquiring the vehicle then you may not be ready for a costly change of buying a totally new, improved sound system for the car. You can instead upgrade or make the most of your factory stereo by obtaining a simple device that can be purchased at many retailers.

With a device called an FM modulator you can add an MP3 player or a Satellite radio easily to your car without hassle or having to get professional help. To improve your factory stereo by adding the crisp, clear sound of 100 plus channels of satellite music, talk radio, sports, news or other audible entertainment with satellite radio will enhance your listening pleasure immeasurably.

CarInsurance.com recommends Sirius Satellite Radio.

To connect a satellite radio to your vehicle's sound system can be as easy as using a cassette adapter but since many cars now do not have cassette players, an FM modulator may be the solution you need. With an FM modulator you find a static station on the radio dial and use the modulator to transmit your satellite radio through the factory radio.

If your car came without a CD player you can buy a multiple compact disc changer that will also connect to your factory radio by an FM modulator. With this type of system you would not have to pay the pricey install fee that usually comes with adding a CD player to a car's stereo system. The modulator will allow the CD player to send a signal to the unused station of your FM radio dial that you have chosen and thus play your CDs through your factory radio.

Most people today not only have compact discs that they want to play in their automobile's radio but also have their MP3 player that they have downloaded their new music to and would like to play in the car. With a cassette adapter or FM modulator you again can connect your IPod or other MP3 device to your car's factory stereo system.

Your factory system that may only have a radio or CD player but if you learn how to add on items such as a satellite radio or MP3 player using simple devices such as the FM modulator your bare bones stereo can become something to rave about. You won't need a fancy in dash satellite radio system or CD player if you can add your own with a quick simple connection that doesn't cost a fortune.

If you want to add to the actual sound coming from your vehicle there are ways in which to do so as well, without professional help. The sound of your stereo can be enhanced by adding better speakers than what the factory installed in your car. You also can add an amplifier or a subwoofer or even an amp/subwoofer combination. These items will cost you a bit but will add clarity and a fuller bass to your whole sound system. You will have to check your car's stereo system to make sure that an amplifier can be connected directly to the speaker wires of your factory installed system.

Upgrading your motor vehicle's factory stereo system is on many consumers' minds after they purchase a new car. Purchasing an upgraded stereo system from the auto maker or dealership can cost more than one can afford, especially after just purchasing the car. There are ways though to make your auto's sound system better without spending a lot. You can add on a satellite radio, MP3 player or other components with just a simple connection and not extra installation. Then you can enjoy your car's sound system even more.


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