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Match your personality - customize your car



Match your personality - customize your car

A car is a special possession to most of us. It is not just the vessel that gets us from point A to point B but an extension of our personality. It is like our car insurance Twitter feed. It shows our style as a website just like your car shows your style. We want it to look good with us sitting in it or parked in a lot all on its own. To get your vehicle to match your personality you can learn how to customize it.

When you think of a customized car you might think of a spectacular paint job, big intricate rims and other expensive objects. Yes, this type of vehicle would be customized but you do not have to spend that much money to customize your car and give it some of your personality. Here are ways in which to customize your vehicle without breaking the bank.

On the outside of you car you can get a new paint job. Or you can add graphics instead that will cost less and most likely you can apply yourself. If that is too much for you, how about a magnetic bumper sticker or ribbon supporting the military or breast cancer or whatever organization you feel strongly about.

There are also decals you can attach to the window. These are made for your favorite NASCAR driver, Disney figure and a variety of other things. They virtually make decals for everyone's fashion sense or sense of humor. There are antennae balls that do the same thing. This customizing detail is great for finding your car in a parking lot as well.

If you want to spend more money on your car you can buy a car "bra" and place it on the grill of your car. This can do double duty by giving your car a different look and keeping bugs off of the grill. You can change out your grill plate with a more aggressive looking one. There are also ground effect packages that can be added to your vehicle to make it look lower and more sophisticated.

If it is the back of the car you want to upgrade or personalize you can get a spoiler put on. Perhaps you already have a spoiler; well they make even bigger ones now. Also the license plate in the back can be pumped up with personality. You can add a license plate holder with a design of your favorite sports team or even customize your license plate. Most state's DMVs allow you to personalize your license plate for an extra fee. Have it say SWT RDE or whatever suits your personality.

If you do not care what the license plate says you might care what it looks like. Again most states have specialized plates that cost a bit extra for you to donate money to the cause on the plate. This could be keeping kids safe, care for manatees, a national park or many other things. Every state allows different specialized plates so find out what your state's DMV has to offer.

Other exterior upgrades you can give to your car could be lights. You can put these around your license plate or even underneath the car.Check your local regulations, some areas do not allow certain colors to be used for lights used for this type of car customizing.

Once you are happy with your personality showings on the exterior of the car you can now start on the interior. The interior is where you spend most of your time in a car so why not make it as comfortable as possible. You can start with seat covers. Every auto store and super-store carries a variety of seat covers that you can choose from. They have all colors and graphics. Do you like tiger prints, Hawaiian graphics, basic black or fuzzy material? All of those types are available to you.

To match the seat cover of your choosing are steering wheel covers. These slip easily over your steering wheel and give it some flair. Many can help keep the wheel from heating up as well. Next you can find an air freshener to place in your car. It might be one that hangs from the rear view mirror and looks a certain way, adding to the customizing of the vehicle. Or you might get one that sits under the car, with the scent being your way of personalizing the interior.

A final way in which you can personalize your car will enhance the look on the exterior while helping the interior of the vehicle. It is a window shade. You can fold and unfold a shade so it is easy to have in the vehicle.

A window shade can be put in the front windshield to keep out the sun while the car is parked. Like the car seat covers and steering wheel they come in a variety of colors and graphics. This can give you car personality while you are away from it as it helps to keep the car cool. The shade keeps out the sun thus keeping the car cooler. It also helps by keeping out the potentially damaging UV rays that can fade your interior.

Customizing a car does not need to be costly. All you need is a good grasp of your personal likes and dislikes and a little time to implement some changes to your car. After you do so you will have a car to drive around that you will enjoy the total individual look of.


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