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Performance parts and your vehicle



Performance parts and your vehicle

To enhance the abilities of your vehicle you might decide to alter it by trading out original factory components for performance parts. Upgrades to the engine can make your vehicle more aggressive and faster among other things. There are a variety of choices to make when adding parts to your vehicle, so let's get started.

When adding performance parts you can show them to the world or keep them hidden. Sleeper vehicles have the look of a normal factory vehicle but have the extra punch somewhere in their engine or other car's system to make them perform better than average. These are the cars that take off at a stop light like they were shot out of a gun but you cannot figure out how that 'normal' looking car was able to go so quickly.

The engine is the main component of the car that is upgraded for performance in most circumstances. One way in which to customize it is to 'chip' the engine. This can also be called power-chipping or have other chip involved names that all stand for the same basic concept. The owner of the vehicle buys an after-market electronic chip and changes out the factory set one. This new chip increases the performance of the engine by changing the car's computer configuration. The idea is that the new chip will set the engine to perform better.

The camshaft or head can also be changed out for bigger, higher performance models. This allows for increased horsepower which in turn allows your vehicle to go faster. A different way in which to increase horsepower is to get a bigger blower. The new blower will force more air into the system. The more air the more effective the combustion process and the greater power generated.

A new header or exhaust system with after-market parts can allow your engine to breathe better and thus run more efficiently with better horsepower. Performance exhaust systems usually have bigger thicker tubing that allows your exhaust velocity to be higher than normal. This helps to carry away the harmful gases at a higher more effective rate.

Performance shocks or struts can help lower your vehicle. This can give your car a different look as well as better road-hold qualities. This helps with cornering and the basic handling of the vehicle.

There are a few cheaper ways in which to get better performance or upgrade your vehicle as well. You can change out your air filter to a high quality after-market brand. This will allow better air flow and better engine performance.

You can also choose to change out your type of spark plugs or spark plug wires. There are high performance brands of both types. These do not normally cost all that much and you can usually do the labor of changing out the factory parts for these performance parts yourself. Doing your own labor on your vehicle will save you money and thus allowing you to have more funds to spend on car parts.

Enhancing your vehicle with performance parts can change the whole way in which it drives. Before changing out any factory parts for after-market ones it is always wise to make sure you are not voiding out any manufacturer warranties. You might also check with your auto insurance company to make sure the upgrades you are doing will be covered by your current insurance policy.


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