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Purchasing a road hazard warranty



Purchasing a road hazard warranty

You just bought new tires for your vehicle. They are a necessary but costly expense to keep your car in good repair. After you have just paid this large amount for new "shoes" for your car, you are offered a road hazard warranty for them. Is this extra item really worth the money?

Before making a decision that will have you spending an extra $40 - $100 in total you need to figure out if this will be money well spent. What does a road hazard warranty really cover and why would you need it?

As you probably realize every day, driving conditions on the road are not ideal. There are potholes, garbage and tons of debris on the roads that we drive. Added to that junk out there on the road, there are all the poorly maintained highways and side streets. Tires can withstand wear and tear but especially bad road or conditions can leave your tires in need of repairs or even replacement. Your tire manufacturer's warranty only covers problems that are caused by what they determine to be defects.

A defect is defined as an imperfection that causes inadequacy or failure. Companies will usually only fix a defect if they find it is caused by a material or quality problem caused by the manufacturer. Therefore, when you cut your tire down on a nail from that construction zone you travel through each day the manufacturer's warranty is not going to cover that. The road hazard warranty would cover that.

The road hazard warranty covers your tires when these unexpected events occur. Running over debris and through potholes is an every day occurrence it seems. Add to that the construction zones that are always popping up all over town and trash that ends up in the road after storms. There are many sharp objects that our tires can run over and most of us are fortunate to not have anything happen to our tires.

If something does happen to your tire, like a cut or a piercing would not it feel nice to know that it is covered? Your road hazard warranty should pay for your cut or piercing to be fixed. Depending on the warranty you purchase you can even be covered if the whole tire is destroyed. You will have to pay a pro-rated amount for the new tire but this is much less than full price. Pro-rated has you pay for only the tread of tire that has been worn off. You pay for what you have used, which is fair.

If you travel cross county you will probably be interested in a road hazard warranty that would allow you to get your tire fixed under the warranty out of your local area. This will allow you to travel without worries regarding your tires. Then if your tire falters in an unfamiliar location, you can feel safe knowing you will be able to get your tire(s) repaired or replaced without spending several hundred dollars again.

Some road hazard warranties will include extras such as free rotations or balancing if this is not already part of your tire purchase price. To keep the manufacturer's warranty intact you will need to rotate and balance your tires on a regular basis. A road hazard warranty will not affect your car insurance. No car insurance company gives a discount for tires or tire hazard warranties.

So is a road hazard warranty worth the extra money? I definitely think it is. After a driving through construction areas every day for work, I have used my warranty on more than one occasion. This is unfortunate for me that I had tire issues but when it happened, at least I knew I would be covered and not out extra money. A road hazard warranty will let you have peace of mind when you drive through that next nail- filled pothole. So ask about it when you purchase your next set of tires. Better yet, see if you can get it included in the price of the tires.


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  1. R D Langerud

    Why when one tire is claimed to be defective due to road hazard and the dealer claims you have to replace all four you don't get an adjustment on the other three?