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What Your Car Says About Your Personality



Many fascinating studies and surveys have been done about cars and their drivers' personalities. You will be amazed how your personality is reflected in your car and thus what our cars say about you and me. The color of your car is one such factor that broadcasts personality traits whether you are aware of this or not. The color of your car doesn't affect your car insurance rates, however.

Here are a few personality comments on car colors:

Strangely enough, black is the really wild one of all the car colors. Those who drive black cars are known to be aggressive, and sometimes even dangerous. They like to be seen as super competent drivers and see their car as an extension of their wilder side and assumed great driving abilities. Unfortunately, the driving skills of those operating black vehicles do not always measure up to their supposedly superior abilities. The black BMW or Mercedes is the most popular current rage in their world.

Those who drive silver automobiles can come across as the cool, calm, James Bond types, but they may appear aloof as well. For reasons unknown, they too are seen as drivers who are dangerous, although not so much as the drivers of black cars.

For some reason yellow has been known in the past as a color of cowardliness. Most who purposely buy a yellow car are not the cowardly type, they are usually idealistic and may just like the novelty of such a bright sunshine color; they are normally quite happy with themselves.

How about blue? Blue car drivers will tend to exhibit traits of strength and be a person who is steadfast and loyal. Blue is known as a calming type of color, and their drivers are the more cautious types who think issues over more before proceeding.

Green is a popular choice nowadays. There are many beautiful variations of greens, from the metallic teals to the emeralds, and all the way to the virtually fluorescents. Drivers of green automobiles may be thought of as individuals that are concerned about the environment but can this color can also give the impression that a driver may be envious and jealous. While it may be rare there are some that find the color green associated with hysterical types.

White and cream colored cars show personalities who lean toward purity, cleanliness and innocence. There are drivers of white vehicles that are status seeking, extrovert drivers as well. These car drivers have traits of self-control and independence. They are normally safe drivers.

Red, especially the candy apple reds, really dress up a vehicle. Those colors exhibit energy, zest for life, activity and vitality. In the past red has been seen as a color for romance, also for devilishness.

The softer side of red is pink, which usually exhibits personality traits of affection, warmth and gentleness. Pink has a psychological tendency to make one less aggressive.

Gray cars indicate coolness, calm and conservative personality traits. They will only rarely bring out strong emotion. Drivers of gray cars like their work and are dedicated to it.

If you think cars are just transportation, you would be wrong! Whether you buy a big black pickup truck, a red convertible, a green mini-van or a pink beetle, your car and its color says a lot about your personality.


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