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Secure the child's car safety seat and save a kid's life



Secure the child's car safety seat and save a kid's life

According to the National Safety Council (NSC) every day children are seriously injured or die in a car crash. Many of these injuries or deaths could be avoided if the parent, or driver of the vehicle, had properly secured the children into child safety seats. Motorist who have children riding in the vehicle with them need to learn how to secure their children so they can not only uphold the law but possibly save their kids lives.

The NSC's National Safety Belt Coalition experts believe that between 80 and 90 percent of child safety seats are installed or used incorrectly. Some parents install the seat incorrectly and use it incorrectly doubling the problems. Children are not skilled enough to know if the seat is correct for them, the parents have to learn how to do this for them and give the kids the special protection they need.

In surveys done by the NSC they found that over 50 percent of the people contacted believed that child should have to be placed in children safety seats when riding in a vehicle. When asked if there should be strict enforcement of the car safety seat laws the survey was broken down into male and female responses. Clearly the mothering feeling came out because 65 percent of females said police should ticket for this offense at every opportunity. This is compare to the 53 percent of males that agreed with this statement.

At least 50 percent of the nation knows that it is important for child safety seats. There are common excuses such as the child does not like the seat, it was only a short trip, I do not have a seat available to me or most commonly - the child will not stay seated in it. While all of these excuses might be true it is the parents' or driver's responsibility to make sure the kids riding in the vehicle are safety secured before starting out on the trip.

Studies show that adults know they could do better with regards to child safety seats. One study showed that 94 percent of those surveyed over the age of 16 agreed that children should be required to wear safety belts once they have outgrown car or booster seats. This shows people are realizing that when children are old enough to buckle up themselves adults understand that safety is still required.

If your child still needs a car seat you can go to NHTSA website and find its child seat ratings list to find the appropriate one for you. Do not let excuses allow you to not follow through on securing your child's safety while riding in a motor vehicle. The small act of fastening your child correctly into a well installed safety seat could be the different between life and death.


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