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DUI and Car Insurance Prices



By legislative action insurance laws in the individual states of the USA are designed to follow the general direction of civil and criminal statutes. In laymen's terms that simply means that driving while intoxicated (DWI) or driving under the influence (DUI), whether on drugs, or alcohol is an activity that society does not condone due to the well established fact that an intoxicated person cannot properly control an automobile. Drunk drivers are very dangerous since they can, and frequently do, injure and kill innocent victims as well as themselves plus cause serious property damage.

Many of those looking at our website ask timely questions and we are very happy to do all we can to assist our valued patrons and those who seek to educate themselves.

One common question asked is how does a serious offense on my record, such as a DUI, affect my car insurance rates. The quick answer to what happens to insurance rates if a person gets a DUI or DWI is - they go up. Depending on the total circumstances, the rates can go dramatically higher.

In most states, among those who have reason to be involved with DUI issues, it is said that a typical DUI event can cost the participant a minimum of $10,000, and now upwards of $20,000. These costs are made up of legal fees, state fines and penalties, lost time from work, expenses for driving schools, higher insurance costs, and higher insurance limit requirements.

Typically a driver will immediately have his license suspended from six months to one year. So he is unable to drive his vehicle, or a company vehicle, and he has to be chauffeured by his friends or family to work, and wherever he might need to travel.

A DUI will increase state motor vehicle driving points, as well as six to more insurance company rating points. These are two different point systems we are mentioning here.DMV points go towards the state determining if you are fit to operate a vehicle, need improvement classes, etc while insurance points are part of an insurance carrier's rating system.

In most states an SR-22 insurance requirement (future proof of financial responsibility) will be required for up to three years after a license is re-instated for an individual that lost their license due to a DUI conviction. This is a form that insurance companies are required to fill out by law. The insurance company transmits the SR-22 form to the state. It informs the respective state that the driver is complying with the state's mandate on the person by purchasing and maintaining insurance when he is again eligible to do so. The insurer will notify if the state if the SR-22 is taken off before the end date the state has given the person. Without having the form on file and thus having the insurance coverages mandated by the state you will normally once again lose your driving privileges.

Sometimes there are higher than normal state required insurance limits involved when getting your license reinstated after a DUI. Limits as high as 100/300/50 can be required depending upon your state's laws. There is always a requirement to purchase bodily injury liability. In dollars an auto insurance policy for a motorist with a DUI on their record can cost up to $2-3 thousand for one year.

Obviously, lawmakers, and the citizens who vote them into office, do not want people out on the streets driving while intoxicated, endangering other drivers and themselves. So the insurance laws are legislated to reward safe drivers, and those who are the least risk, (in general) to other drivers on the road. But those same laws are enacted to dramatically punish drivers who put other drivers at risk by driving drunk or under the influence.

Among insurance agents, one of the first things we learn in the business of insurance sales and service is the simple fact that it is never worth it to allow yourself to get behind the wheel if you have had too much to drink or have taken drugs that put you and other drivers at risk. It costs you too much in too many areas of your life to try and drive home or elsewhere after drinking too much or taking drugs that affect your judgment as a driver.

If you have had the unfortunate event of a DUI, our friendly, helpful agents, either online or over the phone, will give you the best possible price for the coverage you require. Simply switch over to our home page and fill out the easy online quote, or call our toll free number.


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