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Partners and Affiliations

CarInsurance.com is an online licensed independent insurance agency, offering local car insurance in every U.S. zip code, Canada and United Kingdom. CarInsurance.com offers these companies to bring you the best online auto insurance products. Using our technology and insurance experience, we have built an extensive network that makes a better online car insurance website. Our goal is to allow you to compare many insurance company prices and then purchase a policy directly from our site...in minutes.

We continue to add more insurance carriers to help consumers find better rates and better auto insurance resources!!

CarInsurance.com Affiliates:

Maitland Underwriters

Maitland Underwriters is a subsidiary of CarInsurance.com. They offer Managing General Agency solutions to carriers and producers. Our primary mission is to actively manage our clients and to continually enhance our company's value as a long-term Managing General Agency. We believe that the thoughtful, deliberate and prudent management of every policy, both in financial terms and in terms of maintaining the quality of customer service and dedication allows us to prosper.


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