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You hit what? The Crash-o-Matic


Find out what type of car insurance you need for any accident you may get in:

Pick something to crash into:
  • tree
  • deer
  • another car
  • another car on your policy
  • pothole
  • your garage door

To avoid a nasty surprise, know your
coverage options before you file a claim.


Yes, you have car insurance. But do you have the right car insurance?

Each of the major types of coverage -- liability, comprehensive and collision -- addresses a different type of calamity. The wrong time to find out you haven’t bought the right insurance is after the damage is done. We’ve looked at six of the most common things our readers hit: other cars, trees, animals, potholes, garage doors -- even another car on the same policy.

We’ll show you which coverage to file a claim under. We’ll also give you an idea of how rates on these coverages compare for a selection of 2013 model cars and trucks.