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Calculate your DUI limit: Avoid a car insurance disaster

The most routine DUI conviction is guaranteed to cost you thousands of dollars and mar your record for years. And it will drive up your car insurance rates for just as long.

Why would you leave the house without a clear idea of your limits?

CarInsurance.com's "What's Your Limit?" calculator can help you budget your alcohol consumption before the night begins.

We've made some assumptions about the size and potency of the drinks. (You can be charged at blood alcohol levels well below 0.08 percent, so err on the side of caution.)

In addition to the number of drinks you can reasonably consume and remain sober, we’ll also show you the penalty for a first-time DUI offense in your state. Lastly, we'll display what your state does to first-timers who go over the top. "Enhanced penalties" for drivers who are very drunk are now in force in most states.

A DUI conviction's impact on your auto insurance premiums can vary greatly by state, company and your other personal factors -- you'll have to get an auto insurance quote to find out -- but take our word for it: It's bad.

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