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Education, military and professional discounts

Education / occupation / professional discount

Discount can range from 5 percent to 30 percent.

Available to:  Drivers who have a certain type of college degree or who are in a certain occupation.

Caveats: Risk studies have found people in certain professions or holding certain types of college degrees are less likely to have claims, so offer these individuals a discount.  Professions that tend to get a discounted rate are:

  • Educators
  • Engineers
  • Scientists

Some car insurance providers, such as Farmers, also give discounts to certain occupational groups.  This tends to include:

  • Doctors
  • Registered nurses
  • Dentists
  • Police
  • Firefighters
  • Teachers

Length:  Ongoing as long you remain in that profession or as a member of the occupational group.

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Military discount

Discount typically 15 percent or more.

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Available to: Military members and their families

Caveats: Eligibility varies, but typically a discount to the total car insurance premium can apply to active and retired military members as well as members of the National Guard or Reserves. USAA gives its discounts based in part the person’s military status and rank.  Louisiana says a premium discount of 25 percent should be offered to military members. (See "A guide for military car owners.")

A special storage discount (up to 90 percent) is also sometimes offered to service members who are deployed or otherwise away and have their vehicle stored in a secure location.   And other special discounts are available with some insurers if a military member is deployed overseas.

Length: Continual as long as the driver meets the eligibility requirements.

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Federal employee discount

Discount up to 10 percent.

Available to: Federal workers who meet an insurance company’s eligibility requirements.

Caveats:   Eligibility requirements can vary but typically the driver must be an active or retired federal government employee of a certain level (e.g. GS-7 or above) to receive the discount.

Length: Continual as long as meet the company’s eligibility requirements.

Business relationships / organization / membership / group savings discount

Typical discount is up to 10 percent.

Available to:  Drivers who have a relationship with a certain company or organization that their insurance carrier offers a discount for being associated with.

Caveats:  Some car insurance carriers have relationships with certain groups, companies or organizations that you may work for, or are associated with, allowing you to receive a “group savings” discount.  Proof of an active relationship may be required.

For example, Geico is partnered with over 275 groups and associations. If you are a member of one of them, then you may be eligible for special discounts.

Length: Continual as long as your association with the group or organization continues.

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