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Los Angeles car insurance rates

Los Angeles trafficNo city embodies car culture more than Los Angeles does. Its boulevards are famous and infamous, the stars of our music, television, movies and newspaper headlines. You need not have driven down Mulholland or shopped Rodeo to know what to expect from either.

But driving in Los Angeles is not the stuff of legend. Instead it is often slow, frustrating, grinding and dangerous. That's why Los Angeles and its surrounding cities have the most expensive car insurance in the state of California.

Yet not all parts of Los Angeles pay equally. The same driver in the same car would face nearly double the state car insurance rates moving from Anaheim to central Los Angeles. (Check out the map below to see how Los Angeles ZIP codes compare.)

You may need just enough insurance to get by, or you may need enough to make sure your home, savings and business are securely protected. No two car insurance companies will charge you the same amount even for identical coverage. If you don't shop around to compare prices, you can't save.

Learn more about the quirks of California car insurance on our state profile page.

One more reason Los Angeles pays high car insurance rates

Every freeway in Los Angeles has more than one name. Interstate 10 is called the Santa Monica Freeway west of downtown and the San Bernardino Freeway east of it. (Here's a great guide.) Most drivers now refer to freeways by their route number, always preceded by a "the" -- the 10, the 405, and so on. When traffic reporters refer to debris in Lane No. 1, they typically mean the left lane, counting up as you move to the right.

Los Angeles Car Insurance

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Los Angeles car insurance requirements

California state law requires the following minimum car insurance coverage:
Minimum bodily injury liability $15,000/$30,000
Minimum property damage liability $5,000