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San Diego  Car Insurance

San Diego Car Insurance

San Diego car insurance rates

San Diego car insuranceThe amount of time San Diego drivers are bogged down on local roads is climbing. The traffic research group INRIX now has identified San Diego as the 15th-worst traffic city in the United States. Local drivers now spend roughly 22 hours a year in traffic jams. Chalk it up to the mixed blessing of the recovery from The Great Recession. More people are working, shopping and driving.

More people are walking as well. Walk Score ranks San Diego 18th most friendly for pedestrians among America's 50 largest cities, with central neighborhoods such as the Gaslamp Quarter and Marina scoring especially well.

Compared to Los Angeles car insurance rates, San Diego's are hundreds of dollars less, but still not cheap. The same driver will pay hundreds of dollars more in Coronado than in Carlsbad. (See how San Diego compares with other California cities by clicking around the map below.)

But even if you live in one of the higher-cost ZIP codes, you can save money by simple comparison shopping. No two car insurance companies will offer you the same rate.

Our California car insurance profile page lays out the rules for drivers in the Golden State.

Why San Diego car insurance rates are so high

Potholes are a problem in "America's Finest City." A recent audit from found that only 38 percent of San Diego streets were in "good" condition. A later report by the San Diego County grand jury presented a worse picture. The government estimates that the city needs $478 million to make its roads meet minimum national standards of acceptability.

San Diego Car Insurance by ZIP Code To learn more about the most and least expensive cities for car insurance, click the link below. Car insurance rate comparison >
Priciest Neighborhoods
In California
  • 90029: $2,416
  • 90020: $2,403
  • 90010: $2,402
  • 90005: $2,388
Cheapest Neighborhoods
In California
  • 93441: $996
  • 93437: $1,025
  • 93428: $1,027
  • 93449: $1,028

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San Diego car insurance requirements

California state law requires the following minimum car insurance coverage:
Minimum bodily injury liability $15,000/$30,000
Minimum property damage liability $5,000