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Property protection

What does property protection insurance do?

Property protection insurance (PPI) is coverage in Michigan that provides protection, of up to $1 million, if you cause damage to inanimate objects or fixed properties such as buildings, poles, fences or lampposts. PPI also covers damage to other people’s properly parked vehicles, which is usually the only situation in Michigan where a vehicle will be covered under property protection insurance.

For property protection insurance claims, the damage must be unintentional and to other people’s property, so not your own mailbox or parked car. 

Is property protection insurance mandatory?

Yes, property protection insurance is required coverage in Michigan as part of the mandatory no-fault coverages.  Michigan's Office of Financial and Insurance Regulation (OFIR) has an overview of all of this state's no-fault car insurance requirements. Property protection will be a part of all state car insurance rates.

What happens if I don’t have property protection insurance?

If you live in Michigan and are with

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out PPI, then you won’t have coverage for damage that you cause to other people’s fixed property or properly parked cars.  This will leave you open to pay personally for damages of this nature that you cause which puts your assets at risk.

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