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Our online car insurance quote form only takes a few minutes to fill out. You don’t have to talk to anyone unless you would prefer to get a quote over the phone. You don’t have to supply specific driver’s license or Social Security information, although you will need to answer some questions about your driving record and where you live.

 In return, we provide quotes directly from multiple insurance companies in 60 seconds or less.  If you see a quote for a policy you would like to buy, you will need to supply details that allow us to verify your identity and pull underwriting information. You can complete the purchase online, or call our Customer Service Center, and have proof of insurance almost immediately.

 Find out the basics about getting an auto insurance quote from CarInsurance.com here.

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Does an online auto insurance quote from CarInsurance.com cost anything?

Online auto insurance quotes are always free. If you want to give us a call to get your auto insurance quote, that's free as well. But it's always faster to get your auto insurance quote online.

When you get your auto insurance quote from CarIsurance.com, you are never under any obligation to buy an auto insurance policy from us. You will be covered immediately if you do buy a policy.

How do I get a quote?

On any page on our site, you can enter your ZIP code in the box at the top of the page and click on the “Quote & Compare” button. This will start your quoting process.   You can also go to our homepage and enter your ZIP code. Then, click “Start Quote” to begin your quote.

In the U.S., we have a number of different quoting options available, depending on which state you are in.

  • Currently, in all states except Massachusetts we will write your policy through our site as an online agent. Even when you get a quote with us, you will always be offered a list of agents who are a part of the Online Insurance Marketplace™. 
  • In some states, you may be offered a list of other carriers that can also provide you an online quote. 

In the states where we are an Online Insurance Marketplace™, after you enter your ZIP code, you'll see “Quote Options.” If you click “Continue," you will go through these simple pages:

  • Vehicles -- Simply select the year, vehicle make and model along with a few questions to help you get discounts and an accurate rate.
  • Drivers/household residents - Supply information about each household resident.
  • Incidents/violations - Let us know if you have had any traffic incidents.
  • Discounts – Answer simple questions on household residency, credit history, and prior insurance information to see if discounts will apply.
  • Coverage - Select the coverages you need.  We offer the most comprehensive coverage screens on the Web to get you the right customized coverage.
  • Address/account setup – Give us your physical garaging address to get an accurate quote and set up an account using your e-mail address so you can purchase online or come back to review your quote later.

Then, you will be presented with quotes from carriers that we offer in your state based upon the information you provided. This is your auto insurance quote.  You now have the choice to select a company and purchase online, save and retrieve the quote later, or call our call center to assist you.

Once you select a company, we will ask more detailed questions in each category, pull any underwriting reports and supply you with a final verified, accurate rate. You can then purchase online or call our call center at 1-855-430-7658 to complete the policy and print your proof of insurance. 

If you need help during any of the online quoting process or would rather speak to an agent to get a quote, just call our agents at 1-855-430-7658.

Which companies will offer me car insurance quotes?

Not every insurance company writes policies in every state, and not every insurance company operating in your state will offer you a quote.

You can see how many companies operate in your state here.

What if I don't understand the terms you are using?

In most states where CarInsurance.com offers quote and application processes online, you can get help with any question during the quote and purchase process.  Next to each question is a "?" icon. Click on it and online help will offer you clarification. If you prefer, you can always start a quick online chat with a licensed agent or call and get a live, licensed agent on the phone at 1-855-430-7658.

In our learning center, we also have information on coverage definitions and a glossary of insurance terms.

What is a ZIP code? Why do you need it?

A ZIP (zone improvement program) code is comparable to a foreign postal code.  It is also known as a post code, postcode or ZIP code depending upon the country and its postal (mail) system. 

The United States has multiple ZIP codes, so it is important to know what your specific ZIP code is.  A U.S. ZIP code is made up of five digits.  The first digit represents a region of the U.S. For example, "0" represents the Northeast U.S. and "9" is used for the Western states. Each subsequent digit of the ZIP code further refines the geographic area to help pinpoint the correct post office.

When we ask you to put in your ZIP code, it helps us to determine the area of the U.S. in which you live in and what type of car insurance is mandatory in that state. It determines which insurance companies will offer you quotes, and it affects how much your rates will be.   As you progress through the quoting process you will be requested to put in your full address so that it can be taken into account by the insurance companies.

What is the 'Quote Options' page after I put in my ZIP code?

When you arrive at the Quote Options page, you are presented with a list of companies, as well as a “Continue” button. 

If you click on one of those partner companies, you are directed to that insurance company’s website to complete a quote or get a policy for that company only. If instead you click the “Continue” button at the top of the Quote Options page, you’ll get quotes from multiple insurance companies and will be able to purchase the best rate.

The insurance companies you see might not overlap. That is, you might see companies listed on the Quote Options page that you do not see among the comparison quotes on CarInsurance.com, and vice versa.

You can get a quote through one of the partners on the Quote Options page and then go through the comparison shopping area of CarInsurance.com. The point is to compare as many rates as possible.

How do I know if an insurance company is reliable?

CarInsurance.com offers many national carriers and some local carriers so that we can give consumers more choices when they purchase car insurance. Our companies consistently receive high ratings from the U.S. insurance industry's most reputable independent ratings organizations.

CarInsurance.com does the following:

If you want to research car insurance companies on your own, start out by contacting your state's insurance regulator.  Most states’ insurance departments publish consumer complaint ratios for the insurance companies licensed to sell policies in that state. These ratios can tell you how many complaints an auto insurance company has received per 1,000 claims filed.

You can check the financial strength of insurance companies by using the information on our Company Strength and Comparisons page.

We give you information on several national rating institutions, such as A.M. Best and Standard & Poor's, who publish financial strength ratings for all insurance companies. These companies measure an insurance company's ability to pay out a claim.

To measure customer service, look at Insure.com, which surveys consumers to find the best car insurance companies, or J.D. Power and Associates, which has one of the most comprehensive customer satisfaction databases.

Do I have to give personal information to get a quote?

When you complete a quote with CarInsurance.com, we only collect information necessary to provide accurate insurance quotes. We will ask questions about your driving record, for example, but not ask for your driver’s license number.

If you then decide to purchase a policy through CarInsurance.com, we will need specific personal information to verify your identity, confirm your driving record and establish an accurate premium.

Access to your information is limited to people involved in processing this information for sales, customer service or claims service.  We appreciate your trust, and we treat your information with care and sensitivity.

Your privacy is of primary importance to us here at CarInsurance.com.  Some of the information you give us while buying a policy can be highly sensitive to you, so we take strict measures to ensure your information is safe with us.

We provide a secure environment for your personal data and transactions on every page of our quoting and policy writing application.  VeriSign approves our security process.   Read our privacy policy to learn more about our privacy and security practices.

Is a Social Security number needed to receive a quote?

We do not require a Social Security number when you get a quote on CarInsurance.com.

To purchase a quoted insurance rate, your Social Security number is normally required to verify your information.  If having a Social Security number is optional, it should be noted as “Social Security Number (optional)”.   If the optional notation is not there, you’ll know the Social Security number is required.

We have different partners and affiliates we work with in different states. To find out if we work with an insurance company in your area that does not require a Social Security number, call our customer service center at 1-855-430-7658.

Why do you ask for my e-mail address?

When you get an online auto insurance quote with CarInsurance.com, we send a copy of your auto insurance quote to the e-mail address you provide.

We send you one reminder after your quote and another reminder prior to your policy renewal.

If you prefer to no longer receive e-mails from CarInsurance.com, follow the instructions at the bottom of any e-mail to unsubscribe.

Your e-mail address is also used as your user identification (we refer to it as your user ID) when you return to review or purchase a policy.

Do I need to have a street address to get a quote?

Yes, you need a street address to get a car insurance quote online.  We are unable to give you a quote without a primary street address for your vehicle.

If you live in a rural area and don’t have a street address, you’ll need to contact local auto insurance companies directly on the phone to receive quotes.   If it’s common in your area to not have a street address (such as some rural areas of Alaska), insurers in your area may be willing to use your mailing address as the primary address for a car insurance policy.

In this type of situation, the car insurance company will normally need to verify the information you give them and manually rate the policy using a nearby postal code. Unfortunately, it is nearly impossible to get car insurance rates for this type of address issue online.  

If you are unable to find an insurance company to insure you due to your circumstances, contact your state’s insurance regulator for help in finding insurance for your vehicle.

Can I get insurance using a post office box?

In general, most automobile insurance companies will require a physical address and not just a post office box to start up an insurance policy. This is so they can rate you properly using the physical address.

The typical insurance company frowns upon insuring vehicles that do not have a permanent address. If you are using a post office box because you are living in a recreational vehicle or don’t have a permanent address because of constant travel, you will need to find an insurance company that specializes in that type of motor vehicle insurance.

Currently the companies we represent require a physical address, so they know where your residence and garaging location is and can quote your policy using this information.

Will my driving record be checked?

Yes, your driving record is an important rating factor for car insurance companies, so your motor vehicle record is usually checked when:

  • You initially apply for coverage.
  • You request a change to your policy (add/remove drivers, change coverage, etc.).
  • You add a vehicle to your policy or change the covered vehicle.
  • Your policy comes up for renewal.
What if my car model or year isn't listed?

Normally your car model and year should be found through our quoting system. If it’s not, contact us at 1-855-430-7658 or e-mail our customer service representatives at customerservice@carinsurance.com.

Older vehicles may not be listed through our online quoting system. The ability to insure an older vehicle through our online quoting system will depend upon the state in which you reside, and the various insurance companies that we work with in that particular state. Different insurance companies have different guidelines regarding the age of a vehicle they will insure.

If your vehicle is older than the earliest year our insurance company partners insure in that state, the vehicle page should say "Car not listed?"

How do I know what coverages I need?

First, to find out what your state’s minimum requirements are, view our interactive map of the car insurance laws in the United States. Look up individual state requirements for minimum insurance and follow the state links to get important information about insurance in each state.

But minimum levels of insurance shouldn't necessarily be what you’re after. The goal is to make sure your assets and family are protected.

After you answer a few short questions, our car insurance calculator will give you some guidance on limits, deductibles and what kind of coverage you need. 

Can I see how different levels of coverage change my insurance quote?

Once you get your online auto insurance quote at CarInsurance.com, you can change car insurance coverage levels as many times as you’d like and immediately see the effect on your auto insurance premium.

After you enter your ZIP code and continue on with a quote, you will go through these simple pages:

  • Vehicles
  • Drivers/household residents
  • Incidents/violations
  • Discounts
  • Coverage selection
  • Address/account setup

After getting your quote, you can go back to the “Coverage Selection” page and change your options and again click on the "Quote" tab to immediately see the difference in rates.

Can I get insurance quotes for different cars?

Yes, you can. It’s a good idea. When you get your online auto insurance quote at CarInsurance.com, you can change out the vehicle information as many times as you’d like and immediately see the effect on your auto insurance premium.

After you enter your ZIP code, you will go through these simple pages:

  • Vehicles
  • Drivers/household residents
  • Incidents/violations
  • Discounts
  • Coverage selection
  • Address/account setup

After getting your quote, you can go back to the “Vehicles” page and change your options and again click on the quote tab to see the difference in rates.

Do you offer 6- and 12-month insurance policies?

When you get a quote, you will see rates from companies that offer six-month policies and 12-month policies.  You will see a column labeled “Term” at the end of the quote process.  It will list six-month or 12-month.  Also, when you purchase your policy online, our final screen will give you the term of your car insurance policy.

Many companies offer only six-month policies, so if you don’t see any 12-month policy listed we don’t have companies in your areas offering yearlong policies.

Once your policy is set up, we offer automatic renewal with a simple monthly payment.  When we offer online renewals we also offer the ability to research your renewal. The company that offered you the best rate last year may not have the best rate this year.

Can I buy a nonoperator's policy? A nonowners policy?

We do not offer a nonoperator’s insurance policy, but CarInsurance.com does offer nonowners policies if you meet the underwriting criteria of certain car insurance providers that work with CarInsurance.com.

One part of being eligible for a nonowner’s policy is that you cannot own a car. (In addition, there can’t be a vehicle owned by anyone in your household on which you could obtain insurance.)

At CarInsurance.com, we are able to offer nonowners insurance in most states.  If we can offer this type of policy in your state, then on the vehicle screen it will have the option of choosing: "Check this box if you do not own a vehicle and would like to purchase a nonowners policy."

See more information here on nonowner’s policies:  “How and where can I buy non-owner insurance.”

The quote I received is much cheaper than what I pay. Can it be correct?

If you entered accurate information, then the rate is indeed correct.  Our consumers often find that the difference in rates is startling, especially if you haven’t comparison-shopped in the past.

The next step is to start the process to complete the policy. We will verify your information and give your verified, final rate. You will have the opportunity to get the policy or shop elsewhere.

Do you offer business or commercial policies?

Yes, through our partners we offer a variety of commercial insurance coverage packages designed to meet your needs. With liability limits up to $1 million combined single limit (CSL), you can get the right amount of protection for your business. Commercial auto insurance and commercial truck insurance, including tow truck insurance, are offered in 49 states.

How do I get a Canadian insurance quote?

We offer quotes in Canada through our online partner, Kanetix.

If you are a Canadian resident, you can enter your postal code in our ZIP code field (the box is at the top of this or any page that says “Enter your ZIP code”) and click on the 'Quote & Compare' button. This will start your quoting process.  Or simply click the Canadian flag on our homepage or follow this link for Canadian car insurance quotes.

How do I get an insurance quote for the U.K.?

We offer car insurance quotes for drivers in the United Kingdom (U.K.) by clicking on the U.K. flag on our homepage or going to CarInsurance.com UK.

We launched CarInsurance.com UK to provide consumers in the United Kingdom with the same quality of service and great money-saving comparison tools that CarInsurance.com users in the U.S. have enjoyed over the years.

Do you have a phone number for international callers to use?

We do not have a phone contact for international callers to call into our sales center. The best way to contact us 24 hours a day, seven days a week, is online through our Contact Us page.

When in the United States, you can contact our agents and customer service department toll free at 1-855-430-7658.

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