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Marriage car insurance discount

"For better or for worse" includes car insurance. Most couples will find cheaper rates after tying the knot because of multi-car and multi-policy discounts. But you also get a substantial marriage car insurance discount because most companies view married people as less risky than single ... >>


Question: When a married couple gets divorced, do they have to report the divorce to the car insurance company? Also, does it change the rates they pay?  Answer: Yes, if you and your spouse have divorced you need to inform your car insurance company about this change in marital status and ... >>

Congratulations on the addition to  your family.  It's a time to cherish; however, it doesn't mean it will translate into a discount on your car insurance policy.  Car insurance discounts vary by company, so there may be a few insurers out there that often a reduction of rates for ... >>


Question: My boyfriend borrowed my car for a short errand. I am not listed on his policy, and he is not listed on mine. He slid into some gravel and smashed the front end of my car. No other vehicle was involved. He says that HIS insurance company doesn't cover him for other vehicles. That sounds ... >>

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