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In Connecticut, can my husband and I have separate car insurance policies? My record is great and his is not.


Yes, it's possible in the state of Connecticut for spouses to have separate car insurance policies. You will, however, have to shop around to find a car insurance company that will allow you have such a policy.

The Connecticut Insurance Department told us that there are no state insurance statutes that address the issue of excluding a driver from your own personal car insurance policy. It is then left up to individual auto insurance companies in Connecticut to decide if they will permit a named driver exclusion on your policy.

The Connecticut insurance regulator said that in their experience, car insurers here don't typically allow driver exclusions, especially of a spouse.

This means you will need to shop around to find the right car insurance companies for you and your husband. It may be that you both will find each your own decently priced car insurance policies with the same company, or you may each end up finding different insurers for your vehicles.

You will be the one that needs to find a company that will allow you to exclude your husband from your policy, since his driving record isn't the best. You don't need to be excluded from his policy, since you have a good driving record.

Remember, if you exclude your husband from your car insurance policy, then he would not be extended any insurance coverage if he were to drive your car. If he did, it could leave you and him both open to being personally responsible for any damages he causes.

We'd recommend checking on car insurance rates for both of you on the same policy and compare that to each having your own separate policy.

Having both cars on the same policy should give you a multi-car discount. If you bundle your car insurance this with a homeowner's policy, you could also get a multi-policy discount. These types of discounts might make it more economical to get one policy for your cars.

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