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In Connecticut, how long do you have to file a property damage claim?


It depends on whether you're filing a claim against your own insurance or someone else's.

If you are filing a property damage claim against your own collision or comprehensive coverage, then it would be up to the terms of your specific policy on how long you have from the time of the incident that damaged your vehicle.

The Connecticut Insurance Department told us that there are no state insurance statutes that address this issue; these types of issues are instead detailed within your own car insurance policy.

The insurance regulator did say that while there are no stated times in the laws, they do expect the you to make the claim within a reasonable amount of time and that the car insurance company in return should accept (or deny) and settle claims in a reasonable amount of time.

If you are making a third-party claim, then according to Connecticut state statues (Chapter 926 Section 52-584), you have two years to file property or personal injury claims or lawsuits.

We would always advise you to make a claim as soon as possible.

The longer you wait to file your claim, the more questions the insurance company is going to have on why there was a delay. The insurance adjuster may want to inspect your vehicle more closely if you wait a few months to make a claim, just to make sure you are not trying to include subsequent damages as part of your auto insurance claim.

If you are making a first-party claim, to find out how long you have to file, read through your policy. Or call your agent, if that is easier. If you need to place your claim against another person's liability policy, then ask their claims department how long you have per their guidelines.

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