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Can a salvage title be changed to a clean title?


No. Normally, a salvage title cannot be changed to a clean title, but in many states the title can be changed to a rebuilt or reconstructed title.

Cars are given salvage titles for specific reasons (total loss after an accident, recovered stolen vehicle, flood damage, etc.) and for the protection of consumers. A vehicle with a branded title makes future buyers aware that the car has some history that they should check out. To be able to change it back to a "clean" title would defeat the purpose of the salvage title.

In general, if you want to change over the title from a salvage title it can only be converted to a branded title. This may mean a rebuilt, reconstructed or rebuilt salvage title; or your state may have another name for it. Basically, a branded title like this will mean that the car was once declared to be totaled out or salvage, but you have had it repaired and made roadworthy.

In most cases, to convert to a rebuilt title you will need to repair it and then have the vehicle go through an inspection with the DMV, state patrol or other state entity to make sure it is roadworthy. State laws vary, so your state's Department of Motor Vehicles for specific information.

It can be difficult to insure a car with a rebuilt title; luckily we work with Progressive, which does insure cars with branded titles. Progressive will even cover a branded title car with full coverage, when many other insurers will permit only liability insurance policies.

When shopping for auto insurance let CarInsurance.com help you get quick quotes. Even with a branded-title vehicle, we can help you check car insurance prices and find you the best car insurance for your situation.


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