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Can a newly licensed driver get their own car insurance policy? Or can a grandparent put them on their insurance policy?


If the newly licensed driver is a teenager who is under the age of 18, it will be difficult for him to get his own car insurance policy without a parent or guardian signing on it as well.

If the driver has a vehicle titled and registered in his name, then he should be able to buy auto insurance for his car. The hiccup, however, is that most car insurance companies require that an adult, parent or guardian, sign on the policy of someone under the age of 18 so that it cannot be voided.

In many states, if a minor signs a contract (which is what the car insurance policy is) without a parent or guardian also signing on it, the policy could be voided. With an adult signing on the policy with the minor, it keeps the contract in place and not voidable.

Now, if the newly licensed driver is living with grandparents and using their cars, then it should be easy for the grandparents to notify their car insurance company and get the grandchild added to the policy as a driver.

If the new driver does not live with the grandparents, but uses their cars regularly, the grandparents should inform their auto insurance provider to see if the grandchild needs to be added as a driver to the policy, or if he or she will be covered under the policy as it is.

If the new driver doesn't live with the grandparents or drive their cars, then normally the grandparents would have no reason to add the child to their policy. The newly licensed driver should instead get their own policy, if they are able, or if they live with parents that drive, be added to that policy as a driver.

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