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Do all SR-22 forms look the same?


SR-22 forms are similar in their look, but not exactly the same. Each state tends to have their own format for the SR-22 form.

The forms in most states request the car insurance company to fill in the same information, even if the look of the form is not exactly the same from state to state.

The SR-22 form typically states that it's a financial responsibility form and asks for certain information on the person that needs it filed -- such as their name, address, driver's license number, birth date and social security number.

The form then asks for the current car insurance policy number and its effective date. Next, it usually wants to know about the type of policy the person is holding -- an owner's policy or an operator's policy.

For the SR-22, an owner's policy means it covers vehicles owned by the driver. States then will ask for information on your cars. This includes the car model and year of manufacturing as well as VIN. Each vehicle may be listed, or, in some states, the SR-22 may just be issued for "all owned vehicles."

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If the operator's policy box is checked on the SR-22, it means that the car insurance policy you have in effect covers your operation of non-owned vehicles. This means you don't own a car, so you had to obtain a non-owner's policy from an auto insurance company to meet the state's financial responsibility requirement.

Some states have listed on their SR-22 an operators-owners policy. By this, the state means that your type of car insurance coverage will cover you in all vehicles, whether you own them or not.

You can look online for sample images of SR-22s. They do look similar because they all carry out the same function. A few states even have the same exact form in use.

Keep in mind too that many states now have electronic SR-22 forms that car insurance agents fill out and transmit to the state usually within 24 to 72 hours of processing (depending on the state and company).  These electronic forms also vary in their appearance from state to state.

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