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How does car insurance work when the car owner is in an assisted-living facility and someone else primarily uses the car?


Your question in full:  My father-in-law has a vehicle with Allstate. He is currently living in an assistant-living facility. His home was sold recently. Do I need to put the assisted-living home as his primary residence? Also, he is not currently driving, but has given permission for his neighbor to use his car to take him to the doctor and do some shopping for him. Could we use the neighbor's home to keep the car there, and also are they covered under his insurance if there was an accident?

Insurance companies' guidelines for this type of situation vary, so in your particular case the best solution is to contact Allstate about your father-in-law's car insurance policy.

While Allstate can give you specifics about what they require your in-law, as the car owner and policyholder, to do to keep his policy intact, we can give you a general idea of what many auto insurance companies will require in this type of situation.

In general, car insurance providers will want the assisted-living facility listed as address for their insured, your father-in-law. If the car is normally parked there, then it should also be listed as the garaging location. If the neighbor is keeping the car at his house, then the insurance company should be informed, and they will tell you if that should be listed as the primary garaging address.

The neighbor may need to be listed as an additional driver if he is going to drive the car on a regular basis. Since he is a permissive user of the car, it is likely that he is covered now, but it is better to notify the insurance company that he is driving the car frequently and add him to the policy, if required.

If your father-in-law is not going to drive at all, then he may see about excluding himself as a driver and placing the neighbor on the policy as the primary driver. Not all insurance companies, though, will allow this.

It is wise of you to help your in-law contact his car insurance provider and get them up-to-date on his situation. Failing to inform your car insurance company of your valid address, as well as the garaging location of your vehicle, can result in coverages being denied in some circumstances.

A car insurance company wants to know where their insured and vehicle are at so that they can correctly calculate the risks involved and the associated premium. It may be that your in-law's car insurance rates change because of his new situation. If that is the case, and they are raised instead of lowered, he should shop around to make sure he is getting the best rates around.

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