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How long does it take for an SR-22 to show in state's system?


Question: How long does it take for an SR-22 to show in the state's system?

Answer: The SR-22 certificate of financial responsibility is now filed electronically by your car insurance company in most states, so it usually takes only 24 to 72 hours for the state to get it in their system.

If you need an SR-22 filed, then the actual time it will take for it to make it into your state’s system will depend upon the system which your insurance company has in place for filing the form and the state's filing system and requirements. How long it takes can also depend upon when you buy your policy.

If you obtain your car insurance policy and SR-22 during the weekend, when the Department of Motor Vehicles isn't open to receive documents, it may take up to five days from the time you purchase your policy for it to get filed in the state's system.

It may be that your state still does paper SR-22 filings. If that is the case, then it can take even longer, up to a week in some states, for the SR-22 to show up in the state's system.

With a paper filing, you have to call and request your car insurance company to add the SR-22 filing to your policy and then they will need to fax it into the state. Once the state receives it, they still must manually input the SR-22 information which,of course, takes longer than if an electronic submission was allowed from your insurer.

Stand-alone auto insurance agencies may offer the SR-22 form if your state allows them to. However, many car insurance offices have stopped providing the paper forms since most states require the electronic verification of coverage before they will issue a reinstatement on the person's driver's license.

Compare insurance companies to determine which company will file a SR-22 on your behalf.


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