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In Michigan, is an 18-year-old front-seat car passenger required to wear the seat belt?


Yes, in Michigan an 18-year-old passenger is required to wear a seat belt. If you are under 18, you also must properly use the seat belt in the front seat.

All of those traveling in the front seat of a vehicle, both the driver and any front-seat passengers, should be wearing their safety belts, according to Michigan law. If they fail to wear their seat belts, they can be ticketed. It is a primary law, so police can cite you for just the seat belt infraction alone.

In Michigan, age matters when seat belt tickets are given out by police.

If someone under the age of 16 fails to buckle up, or is not properly in a child safety restraint system, the driver can be held responsible and cited per Michigan Vehicle Code section 257.710e. Those ages 16 and older can themselves be ticketed by law enforcement if they fail to follow state seat belt laws and don't wear a safety belt in the front seat.

Michigan courts fine lists show that a seat belt violation for a driver or passenger to be around $65, while it is $115 for a child restraint ticket. Luckily, points aren't assessed to your motor vehicle record (MVR) for seat belt tickets in Michigan.

In general, seat belt violations do not affect your car insurance rates. That is unless you show a pattern of not buckling up.

If you keep receiving tickets for violating the seat belt law, then your car insurance company may see you as more of a risk to receive bodily injuries if you were in an accident. Then, depending upon how your insurer has filed its rates with the state, it may be able to raise your premium.

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