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Will cracked windshield pass inspection?

Question: I have a hairline crack that runs across my windshield about 3/4 the way up on my vehicle. Would it pass inspection in North Carolina?

Answer: Ultimately you will need to speak to a mechanic in North Carolina who can actually look at the crack in your windshield and tell you if it would pass inspection or not.

As part of the motor vehicle safety inspection in North Carolina, both the windshield and windshield wipers are looked at. The only part of the North Carolina Department of Transportation (DOT) safety inspection regulations we could find that mention a cracked windshield was a provision that windshields that are cracked and impede wiper blade operation would not be approved.

If you find that the crack in your windshield keeps your wipers from functioning properly or that it obstructs your view as a driver, it normally should be repaired or the whole windshield replaced.

If you have comprehensive insurance, you can make a claim for your vehicle's cracked windshield. The guidelines of when to repair or replace a windshield vary from one car insurance company to another. Some will repair a crack or ding in the windshield if it smaller than a dollar, others say smaller than a quarter or even a dime. If it is the line of vision of the driver it typically means a replacement of your windshield.

Some car insurance companies, such as Progressive and Farmers, in some areas offer to waive the deductible if you repair the windshield instead of replace it. The windshield damage must conform to their guidelines to safety repair instead of replace the glass. With Progressive they say this means the crack is less than 6 inches long (length of a dollar bill) or is a star or bulls-eye crack. If your crack is three quarters of the way up your windshield already it likely would call for a replacement.


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