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Will my car insurance policy be voided if I change out my stock front car seats for aftermarket seats? Will it raise my insurance rates?

Your question in full: The driver’s seat and headrest are unbearably uncomfortable in my 2012 Honda Civic and dealer offers no fix or remedy. Will my car insurance be voided if I get a non-original equipment manufacturer, aftermarket driver's and side seat? I think the stock seats have airbags in them, but I'm not sure if aftermarket ones do. If I inform my insurance company of the change to the seats, could they cancel my policy or raise my rates?

It’s a possibility that changing out seats could be against the terms of your car insurance policy and void out your policy or cause a rate change to cover this aftermarket equipment.

Before changing out the front seats of your Honda Civic, go through your policy and speak with your car insurance agent. Your agent can go over the specifics of your car insurance policy and tell you if this would void your current coverage. If your coverages aren’t voided out, then check to see if the new seats would be covered by your current policy.

It's likely that your policy will not cover the non-original equipment manufacturer (OEM) front seats. If you want the aftermarket seats covered, you probably will have to obtain custom parts and equipment (CPE) coverage. Without this extra coverage, your auto insurance policy would cover only up to the value of stock seats in the event of a claim.

If you need CPE coverage to cover your seats, or any other custom parts you place on your vehicle, then your car insurance rates will go up for the cost of this extra coverage.

Even without the need for CPE, your rates may still rise if your stock seat had safety features that you were receiving a discount on your policy for, and your new, non-OEM ones don't have such safety equipment.

Also, before changing out your seats, we would advise that you check state laws to make sure that all safety requirements will be met with the new seats that you want to place in your vehicle.

You don't want to go to all the work of installing the seats and find they don't meet your state's vehicle safety regulations. 

If you do change out your seats, make sure to tell your car insurance company. If you fail to inform them of the changes to your car and then are in an accident, it could be an issue to them of misrepresentation about your vehicle, which may allow them to deny claims.

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