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I am considering buying a car with a rebuilt title. Will my insurance cost more because it is a rebuilt title?


No. It may be more difficult for you to find the car insurance you want; however, it should not cost you more to insure a rebuilt vehicle.

The cost of a car insurance policy, for either liability-only coverage or full coverage, doesn't change if the car has a branded title; you pay about the same. If your rebuilt titled vehicle is totaled out again, you will, however, get paid a lower actual cash value payout than if it had a clean title.

Auto and insurance industry sources say that a vehicle with a rebuilt or salvage title is typically worth, depending on the type of vehicle and its age, between 20 to 50 percent less than the same model car with a clean title.

Car insurance companies are not in love with the idea of insuring salvage or rebuilt titled vehicles. (See "5 reasons to avoid salvage title cars.") A branded title on a car normally means that the vehicle has been totaled out by an insurance company already, which makes determining its value difficult. The safety of the vehicle can come into question as well.

For these and other reasons, some auto insurance companies simply will not insure a branded-title vehicle. Many of those insurers that will offer only liability coverage. It is more difficult to find a car insurer that offers full coverage (collision and comprehensive) for a rebuilt or salvage title car.

Here at CarInsurance.com, we can insure a vehicle with a rebuilt or salvage title through Progressive and some of our other partner companies. In most states, Progressive will actually allow you to purchase full coverage for a branded-title vehicle.

If you have a car with a rebuilt title that you want insurance on, then get started with your free auto insurance quote here with CarInsurance.com.

At the end of your quote, select Progressive and we will ask all the necessary questions to determine eligibility and get you a policy for your vehicle that has a rebuilt title.


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