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If someone borrows my car and get stopped for operating under the influence (DUI), will my insurance rates go up?


If your friend is convicted of operating under the influence or driving under the influence (DUI), it will go on their driving record and not yours. This means it will be their auto insurance rates that will be affected, not yours.

For your car insurance company to rate you on a DUI, they would have to be made aware of it. Unless the friend is listed as a driver on your car insurance policy, your auto insurance provider wouldn't have a reason to check that person's driving record to know about the DUI.

Now, if the friend has an accident in your car, that is a different story. The accident and claims will go on your claims history, which will cause your rates to go up. Also, if this person frequently drives your car, then your insurer may require you to add them to the policy as a driver now that they have crashed your car and left your car insurance to pay for the damages.

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With the DUI on your friend's record, it will make car insurance rates high for them on whatever car insurance policy they are listed. Whether they are listed as a driver on your policy, their own policy or someone else's, the DUI is considered a major violation and will cause a hefty premium increase.

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