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Am I considered a high risk if without a car for a few months?


Question:  If you don't have a car for a few months, is it possible for insurance to consider you a high risk when you do get a car?

Answer: Typically, a few months of being without a car, or car insurance, will not make you a high risk to car insurance companies. Driving experience isn’t counted as the amount of time you own a car but as the amount of time you’ve held your driver’s license.

When you are without continual car insurance coverage, you can, however, lose out on discounts. You will not get a renewal discount, so your premium amount will be more than it was a few months ago when you ended your auto insurance coverage.

With some car insurance companies, you will be paying a higher rate because they require continual car insurance coverage for you to receive a preferred driver rating. This doesn’t make you a high risk, just not a top-tier driver in their rating system.

What can make you a high risk is if your time without auto insurance were due to a suspended license, a charge of driving under the influence or other serious issue. When there are serious issues that made you be without a car or insurance, then car insurance companies will look at you differently when you get a car again and need coverage.  

If you have had a number of claims under your last policy, your driving record is filled with traffic violations, you have been in several accidents within a short period of time, or you were canceled by your last insurance company for non-payment, you may also be looked at as a high-risk driver by car insurance providers.

If you don’t want a lapse in car insurance coverage to affect you in any way, then you can get insurance without owning a car. You can get a non-owner policy so that you continue to have a car insurance policy in place, even during the few months that you are without a vehicle.

Non-owner auto insurance policies normally include state mandated liability coverages (bodily injury and property damage), medical payments and uninsured and underinsured motorist coverages. Physical damage coverages of collision and comprehensive cannot be part of a non-owner policy because it’s not attached to a particular car.

The best way to get a policy, a non-owner policy or a new policy after a lapse in coverage is to shop around by getting an auto insurance quote.

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