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Finding a 12-month policy


Question: Do car insurance companies offer only six-month policies, or are there companies that offer 12-month policies?  If so, which ones?

Answer: It’s easier to find car insurance providers that only offer six-month policies, but there are car insurance companies that offer both six- and 12-month car insurance policies.

Some car insurance companies that offer 12-month policies include:

  • Erie Insurance
  • Infinity
  • Liberty Mutual
  • MetLife
  • National General Insurance (formerly known as GMAC Insurance)
  • The General
  • The Hartford
  • USAA

Car insurance offerings -- such as the term of a policy -- vary not only by car insurance company but by state.  Thus, some of these insurers will only offer 12-month policies in certain states.

For instance, Massachusetts requires that car insurance providers offer a 12-month policy. The Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) says that a majority of the state’s personal auto policies are written, or renewed, for a term of 12 months.

The RMV acknowledges this is likely because of the unique way in which Massachusetts car owners must have their registration form (RV-1) certified by their car insurance agent.  Being certified for 12 months instead of six months is much easier for residents.

Most other states do not require insurers to offer 12-month policies.

The underwriting rules and guidelines of car insurance companies also vary and will determine if you’re eligible to be offered a 12-month policy.  This means just because an insurance company may say it offers 12-month policies it doesn’t mean you'll be found suitable to be offered one according to a company’s underwriting qualifications.

Shop around

If you are specifically looking for a 12-month policy, you’ll need to search around for the car insurance provider in your area that will offer it to you.

You can compare car insurance rates with multiple car insurance companies on our site, and we do work with many of the carriers listed above that offer 12-month policies. 

If one of the carriers finds that you qualify for a 12-month policy and offers it in your area, you will see a term of 12 months displayed on our rates page.

If it’s important for you to have carry a 12-month policy and  you’re unable to find by comparison shopping, then you can contact your state’s insurance regulator for consumer help on finding a company that offers it in your area.

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