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I don't understand some of the terms you are using. Where can I get more information regarding them?


In most states where CarInsurance.com offers their quote and application process online you can get help to any question during the quote and purchase process. Next to each question is a "?" icon. Click on it and online help will give you clarification. If you prefer, you can always start a quick online chat with a licensed agent or call and get a live, licensed agent on the phone.

Our site has many resources for information:


Questions and Answers

Professionals are ready to answer your car insurance questions. Do a quick search and you will find many questions and answers. We answer over 600 auto insurance questions a week and post the most relevant car insurance answers to help you. In many cases, we respond directly.

Car Insurance Articles

Understand your rights as a consumer. Insurance can be confusing, but our site will give you all that you need to be informed. We have informative articles written by our industry experts and car insurance professionals. Including many hot, relevant topics that help you find ways to save on car insurance, learn about car related topics and other insurance related topics.

Car Insurance Headlines

CarInsurance.com is the first online insurance provider that offers quotes, instant online policies, and auto insurance news that affects you! We give consumers all the information they need to make informed auto insurance decisions.

Insurance Coverage Calculator

We have the first online insurance coverage calculator to inform you about the auto insurance coverage that is right for you. Figuring out car insurance can be confusing and this tool will help you understand better. Answer a few short questions and we'll give you some car insurance guidance on limits, deductibles and what kind of coverage you need.

Insurance Coverage Definitions

Online insurance coverage definitions to keep you informed about car insurance. Understand and learn about each type of coverage and what it does to protect you. Insurance can be confusing, but we work to help you be informed about your options. Research shows that 72% of web users like self-help options to educate themselves. For those users that want the human touch, our call center is available to assist you. Call us anytime.

Car Insurance Terms - Auto Insurance Glossary

Many insurance terms are misunderstood and confusing. If you have a term that you don't understand then review our glossary of car insurance terms. You can visit our question and answer section to get a specific answer about a term.

U.S. Auto Insurance Requirements

View an interactive map of the car insurance laws in the United States. Look up individual state requirements for minimum insurance and follow the state links to get important information about insurance in each state.

In some states, we offer products through a CarInsurance.com Partner or Affiliate.


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