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What is an SR-22 form?


Question: What is an SR-22 form?

Answer: The basic definition of an SR-22 form is a document that must be filled out and filed by an insurance company with the state (normally with the Department of Motor Vehicles) verifying that certain auto liability insurance coverages are in effect for a particular individual.

SR-22 insurance requirements and forms vary from state to state. 

The SR-22 itself is sometimes mistakenly thought to be a type of insurance, but it isn't.  Instead, it's proof that a driver has certain types of insurance.  What is required will be  based upon the financial responsibility laws of your state.

The reasons why the SR-22 form may be required also varies by state.  Many times it's mandated by the state after an individual was in an accident or was convicted of a traffic offense and was unable to show financial responsibility, but in some states a judge can order that a SR-22 must be filed.   Typical reasons a SR-22 form can be required to be filed include:

  • DUI or DWI or any serious moving violation
  • At-fault accidents while driving without insurance
  • Repeat traffic offenses or getting too many tickets in a short time period
  • License suspension or revoked license - the SR22 is required as part of the reinstatement process
  • Driving without insurance (sometimes referred to as SR-22a, SR-22s, SR-26, or other variations by state)

We continually get asked if the SR-22 is really just a form and not a type of insurance. Yes, it's simply a form showing that you're carrying a certain type of liability coverage, but it must be filed by a car insurance company. 

You cannot fill out and file the form on your own.  Your auto insurer needs to be the one to verify that you have the mandated insurance coverage, and that is at the right limits for the SR-22 or FR-44 (similar to the SR-22 but requires higher limits).

Another common question is what the S and R stand for in the SR-22.  Many states say it's nothing, just a form number, but some agents say stands for State Requirement.

Most companies can provide immediate proof of insurance via e-mail or fax. Processing of SR-22 requests depends mostly on whether your state accepts filings electronically.

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44 Responses to "What is an SR-22 form?"
  1. Anonymous

    I wanted to know if a person loses their license due to speeding violation will they need SR22 insurance?

  2. Anonymous

    It is from the day you purchase the SR-22 and it has to be continuous.

  3. Anonymous

    does the 3 year peiod of the sr22 become effective from the date of the DUI or from the day of purchase of insurance, does the 3 yr. period end after 3 yrs from the DUI

  4. Anonymous

    How does an insurance company find out about a dui conviction?

  5. Anonymous

    how do I get sr22

  6. Anonymous

    Ok, so if I was pulled over and was able to show proper insurance the State of CA just wants to be a further pain in my ass by making me file one... cool!

  7. Anonymous

    Thank you, I do understand what an sr-22 is and the reasons behind them better now but how long would an individual have to carry one in the vehicle?

  8. Anonymous

    We called our Nationwide agent to obtaine SR22 after 10 days of waiting we resived a SR4 22422 wich was not accepted by the DPS our insurance agent is saing that this Sr4 is the same as a Sr22 is this true. has any one had the same experience?

  9. Anonymous

    answered all my questions.

  10. Anonymous

    Need to include state by state info as to how the form is handled. Such as: Does California require the customer to go directly to the insurance Co. in person to request the form and then have to take it to DMV? Or does the insurance company send it to DMV in Calif. after requesting it from the insurance????

  11. Anonymous

    Thank you, I really needed to know where to get the form. My insurance company, something I didnt know before.

  12. Anonymous

    great job gents

  13. Anonymous

    I voted this way because this question does NOT answer the question of what states do not require car insurance.

  14. Anonymous

    I had a vague understanding on what the sr 22 form was, Now I understand better. I read some of the comments below and was shocked that some people still didn't know or got defensive. Maybe they didn't read (it is simply a form showing you are carrying a certain type of liability coverage.) Anyway, Thank You

  15. Anonymous

    I couldn't be more pleased. I came with questions, I left with answers. Superb my friends.

  16. Anonymous

    Nice insurance sales pitch

  17. Anonymous

    I was convicted of a traffic violation and showed financial responsibility. I still need an SR-22 filled out anyway. This information is either false or not entirely true.

  18. Anonymous

    great! thanks for clearing that up!

  19. Anonymous

    While you gave an answer, it was ambiguous at best. I still dont know what an SR22 is.

  20. Anonymous