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What does primary use mean?

How you use your car most is a car's primary use. Auto insurance companies usually categorize primary use as:

  • Driven to and from work
  • Driven to and from school
  • Pleasure
  • Business
  • Farm 

When getting an auto insurance quote or buying a policy, primary use helps categorize car usage and drivers' needs. Insurance companies use it as a factor in the rate.

Here is some help with each type, but these definitions can be defined differently by each company guideline:

  • Select Pleasure Use if the vehicle is most often used for non-commuting activity, and if the vehicle is not used in the course of any business activity.
  • Select To and From Work or School if the vehicle is regularly used for commuting to a workplace or school and the one-way commute distance is 4 or more miles.
  • Select Business Use if the vehicle is regularly used for occupational responsibilities, such as traveling between locations for sales calls or other business appointments.
  • Select Farm Use if the vehicle is only used in farming or ranching activities.
  •  "Pleasure" means you typically drive your vehicle for fun with no regular commuting or business use.



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    2 Responses to "What does primary use mean?"
    1. Anonymous

      i hated it it didn't even make scence

    2. Anonymous

      This is the best answer for this question Ive seen so far, but I need some really speciic examples that fall imbetween. I primarily use my car to drive to doctors (weekly), and to buy groceries etc. I would guess that is pleasure, but doesnt seem right either.