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How do I change information about the vehicle or vehicles listed on my auto insurance policy?


By logging into your account (manage your account) at CarInsurance.com, you can make changes to your policy online. Once you log into your account click on your auto insurance policy to view the summary of your policy information.

Just click on the "Make Changes to Vehicles" link, and then select the vehicle you want to edit and click "Edit Vehicle." Finally click on "Continue" to confirm your changes.

In some instances, online changes are unavailable or we need you to visit your nearest agency to make a policy change. We will display this requirement when you log in. You can contact us at 1-855-430-7753 if you have any questions.

With some carriers you have the ability to make online policy changes. Some carriers require policy changes be made over the phone. As a last resort, we will direct you to a servicing agency to make immediate changes to your policy.

Since not all carriers have all these options available online you may need to call iin the changes you need to make regarding a vehicle or vehicles on your policy. In that case, you can handle policy changes through these phone numbers:

Direct General Insurance: 1-800-444-4211
Esurance: 1-800-378-7262
Safeco Insurance: 1-800-578-6701
The Hartford Insurance: 1-800-624-5578
Travelers: 1-800-842-5075
Unitrin Direct: 1-800-437-8394


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