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Does CarInsurance.com have a non-operators insurance policy?


We do not offer a non-operators insurance policy, but CarInsurance.com does offer a non-owners insurance policy if that is what you were referring to.  Non-owners insurance is meant to give a motorist Liability protection for when they are at fault in an accident but do not own a vehicle. Non-owners policies can typically include Liability, Medical Payments, and Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist coverages.

Non owner policies generally do not include Comprehensive, Collision, Towing Reimbursement, or Rental Reimbursement coverage. A non-owner's policy of a driver would normally be secondary to the insurance put on the vehicle by the owner. This means the car owner of the vehicle you are borrowing would be primary and your non owner's policy would only be used if their limits were exceeded and your insurance was needed as secondary or excess insurance.

If you do not own a car nor is there a vehicle owned by anyone in your household that you could use to obtain insurance on and want to get a non-owners policy, you first will need to find an auto insurance carrier that offers this type of policy. Then you will need to meet the underwriting criteria of that insurance provider.

At CarInsurance.com we are able to offer non-owners insurance in most states and if we can offer this type of policy in your state then on the vehicle screen it will have the option of choosing "Check this box if you do not own a vehicle and would like to purchase a non-owners policy." To see if a non-owners policy is available through our car insurance company affiliates in your area, click here quick quote.

If you are referring to something different then a non-owner's policy then you may want to contact the consumer division of your state's insurance regulator to see if they may have a list of auto insurance companies that offer a non-operator's policy.


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  1. Anonymous

    I need an SR-22 but do not have a car at this time i need to get an SR22 insurance to get my license back.