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Can I get insurance on a car that is not registered to me in the state of NJ?


In most cases you need to have an insurable interest in the vehicle that you want to insure. In other words, you would be the owner or lien holder.

There are some insurance companies however that will allow you to purchase a policy even if you do not own the vehicle or have it registered in your name. One of our partner companies, Esurance, does this. You can get a car insurance quote here and request a quote from our web site by entering your New Jersey zip code and then some basic information.


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2 Responses to "Can I get insurance on a car that is not registered to me in the state of NJ?"
  1. Anonymous

    It is a very good question since MANY companies require the insured to be the registered owner. I agree with the visitors comments, however.... is it up to each individual carrier to decide???

  2. Anonymous

    This answer was helpful in that it let me know that there are insurance companies out there that address this issue. My current insurance company does not. However, I would have liked one more sentence giving me an inkling as to why some insurance companies will do this and others will not.