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How can I become a car insurance agent?


You will need to satisfy the requirements of your state in order to become a property and casualty insurance agent.

There are many lines of insurance in which you can become licensed. Usually you will need to complete a specific number of hours of classroom training and pass a test to become qualified to take an examination administered by your state.

You can contact your local community college or your state's insurance department to find a school.  After successfully passing that exam and/or completing the pre-license requirements you can become an insurance agent.

We recommend that you contact your state regulator directly to find out more information specific to your state about becoming an insurance agent. 


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6 Responses to "How can I become a car insurance agent?"
  1. Anonymous

    it kind of help to what i need to next

  2. Anonymous

    Just o.k., Will follow up to see how accurate the info.

  3. Anonymous

    Good enough for me. Need to be more in depth.

  4. Anonymous

    The answer does not explain how to get into the business.

  5. Anonymous

    No it did not answer my question.. I am trying to get a property and casualty license... I have been unable to get the answer that i am looking for.

  6. Anonymous

    If you had specific links to schools to get licensed.