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How long are you required to drive with SR22?


Question: How long are you required to drive with SR22 insurance? Why can't you drive a vehicle that's registered in a family members name?

Answer: Sometimes there is a requirement by a state regulatory entity (usually the state Motor Vehicle Department) for an insurance company to certify that a driver has the ability to pay future claims up to the state required limit. This is accomplished by an SR-22 insurance policy.

The typical length you are required to keep an SR-22 is 3 years, but states and judges can extend or shorten the length requirements.

Non-owner insurance policies allow the named insured to drive any vehicle they are given permission to drive by the vehicle owner. If you put the two together it is called a non-owners SR-22 insurance policy.

Keep in mind that non-owner insurance coverage always equates to an excess of the liability coverage originally purchased by the owner of the vehicle. In other words, if you have an accident the owner's liability insurance pays initially, until the amount reaches the limit of the policy. A non-owners policy does not equate to coverage for the vehicle being driven by the insured.

Named, non-owner insurance coverage invokes when the cost of injuries and/or property damage exceeds the limit of the vehicle owner's liability policy. An SR-22 policy is typically required for three years. A Non-owners SR-22 insurance policy does not extend to other vehicles in the insured's household. This has something to do with the law and could be better answered by an attorney.


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10 Responses to "How long are you required to drive with SR22?"
  1. Crystal

    Over 7 years ago I was in a wreck and my license was suspended for no insurance. The ticket was dropped since my friend had lied to me about having insurance. The DMV told me back then that I had to get SR22 insurance to get my license back no matter how long it had been since the wreck. I am looking to fix that & get my license back now. Since it has been over 7 years, am I still going to be required to get the SR22 to get my license back? The DMV here isn't being very helpful and they are MEAN.

  2. Bryan

    Story: I got pulled over without insurance back in 2001. I fixed the problem and thought that was it. I drove with insurance for around 2.5 years before I sold me car. All this time I didn't know I was supposed to have insurance with an SR-22 for 3 yrs. I then went 3 years without a car. After that, when I went to go buy another car I was told I had a suspended drivers license and that I needed to have SR-22 insurance for 3 yrs. Its now 2012 and I have had insurance for 1.5 yrs but I mean, shouldn't this have gone away by now? I don't always need a car, and even now I need to sell my car so I can afford school. Is there any way I can get rid of this SR-22 or do I have to file for non drivers insurance and keep it?

  3. Pam Bruntz

    I had no idea what a non-owners insurance policy was. I feel really bad. I let my son borrow my car, he had a fender bender which did no damage to the truck he hit. A police officer just happen to be there. So he cited him and he has to go to court. We thought my insurance was all we needed, but found out differently. Will my son's licenses be suspended, even though we honestly didn't know? Or does the courts really don't care?

  4. Visitor

    If one is eligible by the state of Texas to drive, do you still have to keep SR22 insurance or do you wait for the trial? The occupational license expired, so do I still need SR-22?

  5. Anonymous

    Why do you have to have SR22 coverage just to get your liscense back? You can have a liscense w/o even owning a car!!! Whats the deal?

  6. Anonymous

    answered my questions quickly & was easy for me to use

  7. Anonymous

    it tells you the right stuff to do

  8. Anonymous

    I got caught without insurance twice. I was ordered by the court to have sr22b insurance, how long do I have to carry this policy? Ive had it now 6 months...

  9. Anonymous

    Because it covered the whole question.

  10. Anonymous

    very helpful and informative