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I was ticketed for driving without a license and speeding. What will happen?

The laws are different for every state and jurisdiction, so obviously we can't indicate the costs you may incure.

Even though you do not have a drivers license you still have a driving record. These violations will appear on your driving record. Each insurance company has their own point values that are assigned for each type of violation or claim. Simply, most minor violations count as two (2) insurance points, major violations count as three (3) insurance points and serious infractions such as driving under the influence (DUI) may count as high as six (6) insurance points. This is all relative, because there are many factors that go into generating your rate; the process and algorithm is different for each company.

You will be required to pay the penalty to the state for the infraction and your insurance costs may increase because of the added points on you driving record. You can find more information about your specific state laws and infractions by visiting your state's DMV web site.

You can get a car insurance quote here to see how these violations might affect your premium or to shop for a new policy.


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    could be more detailed

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    you didnt answer how much it cost

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    how much will the ticket cost??