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Can you drive with a sr-22 on a suspended license?


There are insurance companies that will allow you to obtain a SR-22 as long as you get your driver's license reinstated within thirty (30) days of your insurance policy's inception date, or as long as you acquire a hardship driver's license within that same time frame. The SR-22 certificate of financial responsibility does not give you the right to drive on a suspended license but is typically something you must obtain in order to get your license reinstated or at least get a hardship license until you can regain your full driving privileges.

Driving with a suspended license usually comes with severe penalties so we would advise against doing that. Instead if your license can be reinstated following the reinstatement process, which may include getting insurance and a SR-22 filed by your agent for you, and get your license valid to drive on again. A hardship license can be obtained in many states if you cannot get your full license privileges back yet.

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Remember, a hardship or occupational driver's license typically only allows you to drive from your residence to your workplace back to your residence or maybe also to a place of education.

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