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If your car is stolen, how long do you have to wait before the insurance company has to pay?


Many factors determine how long it will take for your Comprehensive claim for your stolen vehicle to be paid. You may have to wait a specified period of time before your vehicle is considered to be unrecoverable. Most companies have a 48 hour waiting period in the event of a theft. Afterwards, your claims adjuster will begin processing your claim. He or she may attempt to locate a vehicle in 'like' condition to replace yours or to determine its actual cash value. You should contact your claims representative and ask how long they estimate it will take to process and pay your claim.

In some states there are specific laws about how long an insurance company can take to accept a claim and then to repair a vehicle or like in the case of your stolen vehicle to settle for your vehicle's actual cash value (ACV) if it is not recovered. To find out your state's specific laws about the time allowed to settle a claim for a stolen car contact your state's insurance regulator.

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1 Responses to "If your car is stolen, how long do you have to wait before the insurance company has to pay?"
  1. Anonymous

    Report it to the police immediately. It could be involved in an accident or another crime - thats something you would have to then prove you didnt do.