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I just got a written warning. Will my car insurance rates increase?


If it is only a written warning and not a ticket that you must pay a fine and admit your guilt to a charge then typically it would not go on your driving record and thus not affect your insurance rates.

If it is more than a warning and an actual citation you can pay the fine and admit guilt, in which case it would go on your record and could affect your insurance premium. If this is your first ticket and the offense is considered a 'minor violation' then most insurance companies will not surcharge for it.

If you do not want to do admit guilt and get the ticket on your record then you may consider what your options are. In many states they would be one of the following:

  1. You may choose to fight this ticket in court and if you are successful than the violation will not appear on your driving record and you will not have to pay a higher rate.
  2. You can choose to complete a driver improvement course.

If it truly was just a warning then to find out if the local police keep it in their information or if it is posted somewhere on your driving record that you got a warning contact the police jurisdiction that gave you the warning. Without the offense going on your motor vehicle record (MVR) insurance would not be able to see it and rate you on it. 

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